Eastern Cape Plains Game Safari Hunting on any given day, the hunter can expect to see anything up to 400-500 animals on their escapades around the property at Royal Karoo Safaris. We are a top rated plains game hunting outfitter located with-in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Our Hunting Lodge plains game list inc steenbuck, kudu, zebra, golden  wildebeest and so many more. East Cape Plains Game Safari Packages.

East Cape Plains Game Hunting Safaris South Africa

Such an emotive inducing word with so many different meanings to different people. To me the excitement that the thought of going hunting brings lifts so many differing thoughts and emotions.


The simple thought of “own time”, time to just contemplate life and  relax out in nature, feeling the stress of life seeping away, hearing nature around you, the bugs and beetles bustling about, the birdsong around you and the odd bird that gets startled when it settles on a branch right next to you - watching the day fading, shadows getting longer until they start to disappear - but nothing beats the anticipation of a majestic antelope appearing suddenly - you scrutinise every movement, sound, you watch to see any reaction form birds, smaller animals that may already be out grazing - then the adrenalin rush when he shows - is he mature, is he old, is this the one - decisions - and then the moment that you decide that you will take him.


If one could bottle all these emotions into every day life - living life would truly be on a cloud all the time…

Game rich location and ease of hunting: Our Eastern Cape Kudu is regarded as some of the best kudu hunting in Africa. We have exceptional bow hunting blinds for Kudu hunting that give bowhunters great opportunities. 


The game that can be experienced and found on the hunting preserve will include most of those found in Southern Africa, less some of the big five animals that are difficult to export.


On any given day, the visitor can expect to see anything up to 400-500 animals on their escapades around the property.

South African Plains Game Available at Royal Karoo Safari Lodge: 

steenbuck, duiker, klipspringer, cape mountain reedbuck, grey rhebuck, common springbuck, white springbuck, black springbuck, copper springbuck, common impala, black impala, white blesbuck, common blesbuck, black wildebeest, blue wildebeest, golden wildebeest, red lechwe, fallow deer, burchells zebra, waterbuck, red hartebeest, nyala, bushbuck, cape fox, aardvark, genet cat, caracal, jackal, bat eared fox, springhare, porcupine, bushpig, warthog, sable, cape eland,

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