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Eastern Cape Safari Sable Hunt With Royal Karoo Hunting

We have some exceptional Sable on our Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris Concession. Bruce Hunnicutt hunted with his Mathews Halon 32 and harvested a stunning Sable Bull.

In 2018 Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris completed 6 bow hunting blinds. AussieJohn from Australia had send a number of emails regarding bow blinds he had hunted in and just how poor quality some where. AJ told me for starters, most are not big enough for a big man and his PH and not forgetting the camera man or the hunters wife or young one.

AussieJohn was bringing his Texan friends Bruce & Becky Hunnicutt to the Eastern Cape and Royal Karoo set about exceeding AussieJohns wishes with exceptional quality and design archery blinds. Contact Rob at Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris.

Eastern Cape Hunting Safaris Sable Antelope Bull Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris
Sable Antelope Bruce Hunnicutt Texas Mathews Halon 32


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