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Eastern Cape Hunting

Bruce and Becky Hunnicutt from East Texas had an exceptional archery, crossbow, and rifle hunting adventures with Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris in June 2018.

The Golden Wildebeest: An exotic mutation of the black and blue wildebeest, the golden wildebeest,  or golden gnu as it was named by the Khoi (Hottentot) is a beautiful animal and highly sought after by hunters from around the world. Like its cousins, it was named for the loud snorting sound it makes. In the 1920s, early farmers referred to them as red wildebeest or Vos wildebeest. These beautiful animals have a distinctive golden color, often with dark brown vertical stripes across the chest. Apart from the color difference, they resemble black wildebeest.

Golden Wildebeest.jpeg. Bruce Hunnicut Texas Taken With Raven Crossbow
Golden Wildebeest Taken With Raven Crossbow Bruce Hunnicutt Texas


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